Knowing God and His Ways


Hos. 6:6   “I delight in the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

From the above verse we are told: although God delights in man’s sacrifices to Him, He delights in man knowing Him even more. Our knowledge of God is even more important than our service to God, because our service to God should be based on our knowledge of Him, else our service to Him will not be acceptable to Him.

We also need to know God’s ways. To know God’s ways refers to knowing the principles by which He does things. A great need among God’s people today is to learn the lesson of learning God’s ways and embracing them (Exo. 34:8).  Yet God can only be known by revelation, and His ways can be known only by submission (Eph. 4:20-21, Matt. 11:25-29).  What we need more is the inward subjective knowledge of God which comes by two means: 1) by the law of life, which comes from the life of God; and 2) by the teaching of the Anointing, which comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

Since we as believers in Christ have been born of the divine life; thus, we have the ability to know God. According to John 17:3, one of the primary functions of the Eternal Life of God that we received is to know Him. Our knowing of Him increases our growth in His Life. The more His Life grows within us, the more we will know Him, experience Him as our Life, enjoy Him, and allow Him to live out through us.

“The people who know their God will show strength and take action” (Dan. 11:32). Knowing God is a source of our strength. Our strength depends on the degree of our knowledge of God. According to Daniel 11:32 quoted above, only those who know God will show strength and take action – which means (lit. in Hebrews) to extend the horizon and expand the boundaries and break new ground for God. God needs a people on the earth today to expand the boundaries and break new ground for His kingdom to bring in His kingdom!

(Synopsis of the Holy Word for Morning Revival “Crystallization Study of Exodus Vol. 7, by Witness Lee)