Serving God



Let My people go that they may serve Me in the wilderness….” (Exo. 7:16, 4:23, 5:1, 8:1, 9:1,13)

Let My people go that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness….”; “Let us go and sacrifice unto Jehovah” (Exo. 5:1, 17)


          The children of Israel, who typify the children of God today, had been usurped by Pharaoh (who signifies Satan) to serve as slaves to carry out the purpose of the Egyptians, the worldly people. Although the Passover was adequate to save God’s people from God’s judgment, it was not effective to rescue them from the usurpation of the Egyptians. In order to be saved from Egyptian tyranny, the children of Israel needed the exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea. Through burial and resurrection by crossing the Red Sea, we have passed out of the world into the wilderness, where we are separated to the Lord. Separation alone, however, is not God’s goal. God’s goal was that the children of Israel would hold a feast to Him. This is in fact how God wants His people to properly serve Him, because according to the above quoted verses, serving God is used interchangeably with holding a feast unto Him. Thus, serving God is to hold a feast unto Him! He wants us to be happy with Him in His Presence by feasting with Him.


This feasting unto the Lord is dispensational worship; that is, it is worshiping God according to what has been dispensed into us. As we eat, drink, praise, sing, and rejoice in the presence of God, we hold a feast unto Him. As we shall see, such a feast is also a sacrifice unto the Lord. Based on Exodus 5:17, to sacrifice is also to worship and serve the Lord. To the children of Israel, the feast was a feast, but to God it was a sacrifice and a service to Him.


In our spiritual work and service, many things are important, and if we come short in any of them, our work will lose its spiritual usefulness and not please God. Of these important items, the most crucial one is “the pattern on the mount (Exo. 2410-11, 25:9). The pattern on the mount is God’s plan and design. There is absolutely no room for human concept and human plans in our service to God. Therefore, if we do not understand God’s plan, it will be impossible for us to do God’s work (Eph. 3:4).


Finally, we must see that the basis of our service is God as fire from heaven (Lev. 9:24, 6:13). As those who have been gained and are being used by God, we need to be constantly reminded of the sight shown to Moses when he was called to serve God: we are a thorn-bush according to our old, natural man and God does not want to use our natural man as fuel for His work and service. Praise the Lord! There is a divine fire in us; God has come to us in the fire. The divine fire, the burning Triune God, is what enables us to serve in the God-ordained way. Our service must come out of the burning of God’s fire alone (Rom. 12:11, Exo. 3:2, 4, 6). Ultimately, the product of our service is the building of God’s House, the Church, which is His heart’s desire in creating man and in His salvation plan for man.


(Synopsis of the Holy Word for Morning Revival “Crystallization Study of Exodus Vol. 7, Week 39; by Witness Lee)